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  1. Research

    The Indian Ocean tsunami, 10 years on

    The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was a pivotal moment for the humanitarian sector; many lessons were learned and the humanitarian system was strengthened as a result.

  1. Evaluation

    Etude Sur Le Programme Mico-Epargne Communitaire Epargner Pour Le Changement (EPC) Au Senegal: Rapport Final

    L’objectif qui est assigné à cette recherche est de recueillir des informations sur les aspects de mise en œuvre, les succès, les défis et l’impact rapporté du projet Epargner pour le Changement (EPC) au Sénégal.

  1. Fact sheet

    Inequality and Extreme Poverty

    The rigged rules of our economic and political system hold our economy back and make it tough for hardworking people to get ahead. But there are practical, smart reforms that will help reduce inequality and level the playing field—so people everywhere can prosper.

  1. Brief

    Ebola and the private sector

    Bolstering the response and West African economies.

  1. Book

    From Poverty to Power, 2nd Edition

    How active citizens and effective states can change the world.

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