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Our work in action

Our work in action

Innovation case study: R4 Rural Resilience Initiative

R4 helps farmers and communities manage risk using four strategies: improved resource management (risk reduction), insurance (risk transfer), microcredit (prudent risk taking), and savings (risk reserves).

Our work in action

Behind the Brands

Oxfam’s Behind the Brands campaign assesses companies’ performance on social responsibility, compares them with their peers, and challenges them to use their enormous power to help create a more just food system.

Our work in action

Haiti Livelihoods Program

Oxfam works with men and women farmers in the rice-growing area of Haiti’s Artibonite Valley to raise their voices and improve their livelihoods.

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A Win for Clean Air and Social Justice at the UN Climate Talks

Air pollution is killing hundreds of thousands of children a year and is a growing public disaster for health, development, and climate change. Government partners of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition issued a Communiqué last week to start to change that.