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Does the food you buy still contain human suffering?

More than 200,000 consumers last year put top US supermarkets on notice to change their ways. Our updated scorecard reveals which companies are listening—and one healthy foods giant who still isn’t.

Politics of poverty blog

End the arms sales, end the suffering

The votes in Congress are there to stop the US from selling weapons that fuel the war in Yemen. But will our leaders follow through?

Politics of poverty blog

Still rebuilding after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans dread the start of a new hurricane season

When Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, it did more than rip off roofs and topple power lines: It destabilized every aspect of life for more than three million residents. As the new hurricane season begins on June 1, we all want to know: Where are the billions in federal money that can help rebuild and heal the island? Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+