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  1. Brief

    Rigged Reform

    US companies are dodging billions in taxes but proposed reforms will make things worse

  2. Brief

    A Dangerous Game

    The pushback of migrants, including refugees, at Europe’s borders

  3. Brief

    Position Paper on Gender Justice and the Extractive Industries

    Oxfam believes that gender justice must be at the forefront of the extractive industries reform agenda.

  4. Brief

    Yemen pushed towards man-made famine

    The whole world must act now to avoid famine in Yemen, as two years of brutal conflict have led to what the UN describes as the worst humanitarian situation on the globe, with nearly 7 million people facing starvation.

  5. Brief

    Private-Finance Blending for Development: Risks and opportunities

    Aid donors increasingly seek to inject private-sector resources into development by ‘blending’ official development assistance (ODA) with private finance.

  6. Brief

    Stand and deliver

    Urgent action needed on commitments made at the London Conference one year on

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