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Haiti Program Evaluation: Livelihoods and Disaster Risk Reduction Interventions

A strategic review of Oxfam's work in Haiti between 2011 and 2014.

An evaluation of Oxfam America's work in Haiti; specifically within the departments of Artibonite, Nippes, and Ouest.  Oxfam's interventions focused on two main areas (1) Livelihoods and (2) Distaster-Risk Reduction and preparedness.  Over the last several years, the interventions in Haiti focused on the programmatic objectives as well as on affecting changes within the community. Activities addressed real needs and local priorities within a frame of promoting individual and community-level resilience. On-the-ground actions as well as advocacy efforts came together to foster coordination among key actors around agriculture, risk and disaster management and reconstruction. 

The evaluation found a strong linkage across the two areas of work, stating that these were, in many cases, highly complementary.  Humanitarian efforts helped to reduce the risk of flooding and, at the same time, facilitated better access to irrigation and drainage for crop production.  Political and community dialogue also helped lead to more sustainable strategies for water management.  

The report is available in French and English. 

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