Aid effectiveness publications

Oxfam's articles, reports, briefings, and research reflect hot topics in aid effectiveness debates. They offer snapshots from the field, fresh perspectives on old subjects, and new and surprising data that helps inform how we think about foreign aid.

Effective Foreign Aid at Work

People using aid effectively to bring about change in their countries and communities.

Smart Development in Practice

Oxfam's Smart Development in Practice reports (2008) bring voices from several countries to the Washington aid debate. The reports provide various perspectives—from the country offices of US agencies delivering aid, US contractors, host governments, civil society organizations, beneficiaries, and other donors—on the challenges confronting US foreign aid and the reforms that could improve it.

By responding to these voices, we can embrace a new vision for US foreign aid—one that listens to and works with the countries we are trying to support, and in the process, strengthens US standing abroad as a genuine partner in development.

Key report: Smart Development: Why US foreign aid demands major reform

Country field reports

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