Fighting inequality and fiscal injustice: Innovative models for successful campaigning - lessons from Peru and beyond


When: Wednesday September 27TH 12:00-2:00 PM

Where: Open Gov Hub, 1110 Vermont Ave NW #500, Washington DC

Lunch provided for in-person attendees. The event will also be streamed online.

Please RSVP here if you plan to attend in person or watch online.

Join us September 27th for an exciting learning event to explore keys to successful country-level advocacy and campaigning on inequality and fiscal justice. How do campaigners successfully engage citizens on seemingly technical, inaccessible issues that contribute to inequality like tax justice, public financial management and revenue transparency?

In Peru, Oxfam has undertaken a number of successful initiatives to engage the public on such topics to highlight the country’s glaring levels of inequality. Based on insight from these past efforts, Oxfam in Peru has begun developing an influencing model to approach issues of inequality and fiscal reform with a comprehensive strategy.

If, as in Peru, campaigners do succeed in eliciting public engagement, what tools and approaches can be mobilized to hold government accountable and ensure a meaningful response? How do we perfect the theory of change behind fiscal justice advocacy and campaigning to get closer to a winning formula?

We will explore these questions with panelists Alejandra Alayza, Policy & Campaigns Manager for Oxfam in Peru and Michael Jarvis, Executive Director of the Transparency & Accountability Initiative.

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