Oxfam’s Contract Disclosure Survey 2018: A review of the contract disclosure policies of 40 oil, gas and mining companies

Africa Center for Energy Policy in Ghana interviews a government official regarding a project financed with oil revenues. (Photo: George Osodi/Panos for Oxfam America)


WHEN: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 1:00 - 3:00pm (EST)

WHERE: Oxfam America office, 1101 17th Street NW, Washington DC

In most countries, subsoil oil, gas and mining resources are the property of citizens and are managed on
their behalf by governments. Oil, gas and mining projects - and the contracts that govern them - can
outlast most governments. Without transparency of these contracts, citizens and oversight institutions
cannot guarantee the delivery of the economic benefits or risk mitigation promised in these deals.

What’s at stake? In 2015, oil, gas and mineral rents totalled an estimated $1.7 trillion globally, comprising
approximately 1.7% of global GDP and more than the total GDP of the world’s poorest countries in that
same year. Given the stakes, the disclosure of the lucrative deals signed between oil, gas and mining
companies and governments has become an emerging global norm. Despite concerns regarding
commercial sensitivity, a large number of governments, international financial institutions and the
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, actively support contract disclosure. While companies have
historically been behind the curve, recent progress has been made.

Please join us for a closer look at Oxfam’s Contract Disclosure Survey 2018, the most recent snapshot of
the current landscape of corporate policy positions on contract disclosure. Based on a survey of 40
leading oil, gas and mining companies, the report aims to inform work on contract disclosure and analysis
underway by a range of stakeholders, while providing a basis for constructive discussion around this often
sensitive topic. The event will feature a presentation of the Oxfam report, reflections from civil society,
investors, and companies covered in the report.


This event is co-sponsored by Oxfam America, Publish What You Pay United States, and Emerging Markets Investors Alliance.

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