Walking the Last Mile - Citizen Engagement for Better Local Government: Lessons from Ghana

How can citizens hold their governments to account for how government budgets are planned and spent? 

"Social accountability" strategies have been used in many countries to try to improve the delivery of public services and have a positive impact on local decisions. In Ghana, Oxfam has supported a local civil society group, Friends of the Nation, to work with the Shama District Assembly and local citizens to promote participatory development planning, increase revenues for local government and improve the execution of local projects. The "Shama model" of social accountability has led to a paradigm shift "from the typical closed and bureaucratic local governance structure to a more open, transparent and inclusive District Assembly." At a time when more international donors and governments are emphasizing the importance of more responsive and open governments - and the Open Government Partnership is embarking on local government pilots - please join Oxfam to learn more about this social accountability experience. We will also be joined by Prof. Jonathan Fox of American University, a global expert on the role of citizen participation in improving government transparency and responsiveness.    


Richard Hato-Kuevor - Extractive Industries Program Advisor, Oxfam in Ghana
Abdulkarim Mohammed - Active Citizenship Program Advisor, Oxfam in Ghana
Jonathan Fox - Professor, School of International Service, American University

Date and Time:

Monday, September 19, 2016


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