Davos 2017: R4 featured as an innovative step to respond to risks

By Oxfam
Davos 2017

R4 was highlighted in the 2017 World Economic Forum held in Davos from 17th-20th January.

The R4 Rural Resilinece Initiative was highlighted in one of the side events on “Building resilience, insurance for humanity”, hosted by the Insurance Development Forum and planned jointly with the United Nations. The event featured a panel representing public and private sector leaders including Swiss Re, who discussed the role of insurance in promoting development and resilience among at-risk populations. 

In the opening remarks by the Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency, Stephen O’Brien emphasized the role of insurance in protecting the lives and livelihoods of at-risk communities and stated R4 as one of the  innovative steps being taken to respond to risk. He specifically referred to the four R4 components that are helping boost food security of at-risk groups.

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