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  1. Annual report

    Annual report 2016

    In fiscal year 2016, Oxfam America recorded our highest dollar investment in program services in our history. The primary drivers for this increase were the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in April 2015 and our response to the tragic global refugee crisis.

  1. OXFAMCloseup magazine

    OxfamCloseup, Spring 2016

    Welcome to the first digital issue of CloseUp, our member magazine. Our hope is that this new format—which supports more photography, videos, and audio—will deepen and enrich your understanding of our world.

  1. Impact update

    In Peru, local women take aim at dengue

    When Batán Grande, Peru, became a hotspot for dengue, a debilitating and sometimes deadly mosquito-borne disease, women stepped up and put an end to the outbreak.

  1. Fact sheet

    Where's all the money?

    Developing countries are producing trillions of dollars in oil and minerals each year, generating massive revenues that could help build schools, hospitals, and roads.

  1. Evaluation

    Haiti Program Evaluation: Livelihoods and Disaster Risk Reduction Interventions

    A strategic review of Oxfam's work in Haiti between 2011 and 2014.

  1. Research

    Women on the line

    A review of workplace gender issues in the US poultry industry

  1. Brief

    Not Strictly Business: Improving Women's Entrepreneurship Through Soft-Skills Training and Engagement of Men

    Women's business-ownership in the small and growing business (SGB) sector is essential to global economic growth. Women's economic participation and investment have an exponential impact on family and community well-being. To unleash the power of women-led business for contributing to economic growth, barriers and challenges that women face must be addressed.

  1. Tools for activists

    International Women's Day 2015 action guide

    Resources for Oxfam America volunteers

  1. Fast publication

    Economists letter on excessive speculation

    461 Economists call for urgent action against excessive speculation on food commodities

  1. Brochure

    Women in Small Enterprise Semi-Annual Report: January - June 2016

    Countless women around the world are building successful small businesses. But the odds against women entrepreneurs in many developing countries can be staggering. Often, they face limited access to credit and property, household obligations that consume their waking hours, and cultural standards that discriminate against them.

  1. Book

    From objects of history to agents of change

    Retrospective overview of indigenous movements in the Andean Region

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